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New Oxytherapy treatment for skin, hair and face.


New Oxytherapy treatment for skin, hair and face.
Oxytherapy is a new treatment technique that in aesthetic medicine is finding more and more requests from both operators and the public.
Our Oxytherapy equipment helps to convey our solutions depending on the client’s needs.
The oxygen pressure exiting the handpiece is about 1.3 bar and this pressure greatly amplifies the absorption of the lotions used.
So the oxygen itself that nourishes the cells go to nebulize the solution by activating it.
The secret is precisely the combined synergy between oxygen and our specially formulated products.
It can be used with healing vials or lotions, increasing their effectiveness and therapeutic properties.

Positive effects of Oxytherapy in trichology:

  • Helps natural hair regrowth
  • Strengthens and silky hair weakened and weakened by chemical treatments, maches, stress, hormonal factors, the sea, swimming pool etc.
  • It stabilizes sebum secretion, reducing the need for continuous washing
  • It eliminates dry and oily dandruff
  • The cellular replacement by the treatment exerts an anti-age, firming and toning action, making the hair more voluminous, shiny and strong.
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